Spirit of Heritage

Audacity. So few letters for so much energy. Edmond de Rothschild made it the foundation of his achievements and transmitted it as a legacy.

This is how the Rothschild family, generation after generation, has revealed the potential of abandoned vineyards to turn them into high-reputed crus.

Megève, a small mountain village, has become a mythical tourist destination, known to all.

Thus, by dint of rigor and perseverance, the family farm became the only cheese factory to produce the Brie de Meaux farmer and to decline it with audacity.

A shared way of life

By respecting the land, the men, their future. By sublimating the wonders of the terroir. Wines, the art of entertaining, nature ...

This heritage vibrates for all of us. A living heritage, that of a family with a timeless aura. An inheritance in movement, which every day builds bridges between past, present and future.

The extraordinary legacy of a dynasty to all Epicureans.

It is Edmond de Rothschild Heritage.

The audacity is always to have confidence in the prospects that offer tomorrow.

Ariane de Rothschild

Our savoir-faire


Mythical fields and great wines to enjoy in France and around the world.

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A Michelin star and gastronomic experience to savor at the Domaine du Mont d'Arbois in Megève.

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Unforgettable products and preserved fauna to discover at the Ferme des Trentes Arpents and in the Edmond de Rothschild Heritage estates.

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