Unique farmstead Brie de Meaux

The farming company is on the land owned by the family in Seine-et-Marne, purchased at the end of the 18th century. Disappointed at not finding a Brie to his taste that embodied French dairymaking excellence, Baron Edmond de Rothschild developed his own farming operation.

He built his dream on 1,600 hectares, interpreting the best that French soil produces. And, for gourmet palates.

The gamble paid off! Today, the Compagnie Fermière Edmond de Rothschild Heritage is the only company that makes Farmstead Brie de Meaux .


It is the most sought-after brand. And the Compagnie Fermière’s Brie de Meaux is the only one to bear it. It singles out the exclusive use of the milk from the Farm’s herd from among a hundred and one criteria, all of them honoured by the Compagnie Fermière Edmond de Rothschild Heritage


Working with the best master cheesemakers. Assembling a herd of pedigree cows in the heart of Seine-et-Marne. A bold step in the 1990s: the traditional method of producing Brie was at that moment on the point of extinction. But that didn’t take into account the Baron’s determination and vision, nor did it take into account the talent of his team.

Nowadays, the property produces the only farmstead Bries de Meaux and Bries de Melun in the world. And let’s not forget the black truffled Brie, the Coulommiers and the Merle Rouge - just some of the many varieties of cheese produced on the farm. In the purest tradition and with attention to detail.

of milk go to make one
2.5 kilo Brie de Meaux.
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to make an exceptional Brie de Meaux


Savoir-faire. A mysterious word that says it all. In harvesting grain, in milking a cow and in the care given to maturing a cheese. This expertise is not only added to but also put into practice every day. The master cheesemakers have this know-how and pass it on, always with one objective in mind: to ensure that the treasures of the land survive forever.

Cheese is at the heart of the farm. But the Rothschild family’s passion goes beyond that: everything revolves around elegance, excellence and respect for the natural beauty around us. You can see this in the way the gardens are lovingly tended, the way wildlife is preserved and the way the hunting estates are managed.

Edmond de Rothschild decided to produce his own farmstead Brie because he couldn’t find a Brie de Meaux that he liked!


The Compagnie Fermière was designed to be self-sufficient. The dairy cows feed on the farm’s pastures and crops of forage, the milk is converted on site into cheese, crème fraîche or churned butter. You will then find this produce on the menu of Le 1920, the family’s Michelin-starred restaurant in the heart of the Domaine du Mont d’Arbois.

This virtuous circle comprises the land, the animals and the local economy. The Compagnie Fermière is committed to passing on its knowledge and its craftsman’s skills. Although generations of workers are loyal to the Domaine, training young people in agricultural skills is the top priority. It’s what Benjamin de Rothschild described as a modern guild. Providing the reassurance that the know-how is being preserved. Forever.


Truffle brie

Secreted in the centre are black winter truffles. Shaped by the master cheesemakers, this has become the Ferme’s iconic dish.


The Farm’s Honey

displays floral notes, swirls of lime trees, acacias, chestnuts... A symphony for the taste buds, changing according to the season, with harvests in spring and summer. And only then.


Heirloom vegetables

artisanal vegetables feed the gourmets who dine in Le 1920... like the veal, which chef Julien Gatillon turns into masterpieces on the menu of the two-Michelin-star restaurant.


Churned butter

semi-salted or sweet, it is light, fruity and creamy... The Domaine’s butter is produced from the same milk as the Brie de Meaux. i.e. from the best cows.