the Rothschild boldness

There is the amazing French ‘terroir’.

There is also the Rothschild boldness, respect for knowledge that is passed on, the excellence of the techniques, the skill of the craftsman… and there is also the quality of the grape varieties and blends.
Today, there are just two domaines in France and four in the New World that embody technical expertise, taste, excellence and environmental friendliness. The vintage wines that are created are then savoured at home, in the du Mont d’Arbois restaurants and, indeed, everywhere in the world.


An area of vineyards characterised by very specific soil and climatic conditions. Vines are influenced by nature and this, in turn, can be tasted in the wine.


Edmond de Rothschild wanted to give a fresh boost to an unknown Médoc instead of continuing a proven vine. He had in mind a vine and a bouquet, with aromas that he could craft and turn into something sublime… but what he found, when he acquired Château Clarke, were a few vine stocks suffering from white leaf.

So the Baron then took on the titanic task of turning the vineyard into what is now an appellation Listrac icon. The same vision inspired Benjamin de Rothschild in 2003 when he bought the Château des Laurets, intrigued by its heritage and by the challenge of taking on an underperforming wine estate.

Date of the
first Clarke vintage
hectares of vines make up
the Château des Laurets


Nowadays, the estate’s wines are rated among the best Listrac appellations…

… But these are not the only wines of distinction coming from the winemaking arm of Edmond de Rothschild Heritage: the 2015 Château Les Laurets scored 93 points from Neal Martin in that year. It was the very first time that they had been rated by Robert Parker’s worthy successor.

A source of pride for the workers on the Domaines who, every day, carry on the craftsmanship of yore, and even continue to harvest the grapes manually...

Any terroir d’appellation d’origine contrôlée must flourish and earn the right to be planted; otherwise, what are we here for?

Edmond de Rothschild


The recognition and the success of the Compagnie Vinicole Edmond de Rothschild Heritage wines stem from the Rothschild family’s boldness and independence.

This spirit of independence can even be seen in their sales strategy, as the distribution of wine has always been 100% controlled by the family. The exception is Bordeaux wines, which are generally sold through La Place de Bordeaux.


Château Clarke, Listrac-Médoc

The Clarke wine reflects today the optimal expression of its terroir. Dense and racy, it combines power with aromatic complexity with great aging potential. An icon of its name ...


Le Merle Blanc de Château Clarke

Château Clarke is one of the only Médoc estates to have kept a white wine in production.


Château de Malengin, Montagne Saint-Emilion

its purple robe, its silky tannins and woody notes make it a perfect accompaniment for grilled meat.


Château des Laurets, Puisseguin Saint-Emilion

The 2015 vintage of Château Les Laurets won 93 points by Neal Martin.


Château de Malmaison, Moulis-en-Médoc

The Château de Malmaison wine combines the richness and elegance of a Grand Moulis. True charmer, it is distinguished by its aromatic freshness and its unctuosity.


Les Laurets Baron, Puisseguin Saint-Emilion

The quintessence of the Château des Laurets. A 100% Merlot cuvée made in the style of a Grand Cru and from the best plots of the estate.