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What could be more remarkable than transforming something simple into something sublime? Even more so when this is natural and based on respect for the land. Man working on nature’s bounty to uncover its rarity. A lesson in humility.  

Discover the explosive bond between a creamy Brie de Meaux and black truffle, known for its boldness.


Rediscover Megève as a child, being pulled along the powdery slopes of Mont d'Arbois on a dogsled.

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Abandon yourself to the delights of contemporary cuisine in the 2-star restaurant, Le 1920 au Mont d’Arbois, where seasonal produce from land, sea, rivers and forests is celebrated with harmonious compositions: Volaille de Bresse Miéral, Sole meunière de petite pêche, Paris Brest d’Antan, Soufflé tradition Rothschild.

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