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Closer inspection of the craftsmanship, the very heart of the arts and crafts, highlights the passion and the sincerity. The special know-how that has gone into the unique art collections, passed on so generously, piquing your curiosity and filling you with wonder.

Make the most of a simple but sumptuous setting in the Chalet du Mont d’Arbois, where the works of art and unusual Chinese artefacts have been carefully chosen by Ariane de Rothschild. Enjoy a personal welcome with a bonhomie to be found nowhere else.


Slip into the skin of a winemaker and compose your own wine in the company of an experienced oenologist: choose the plots, make the wine and create your own label for the vintage you have produced.

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Learn about the typicity of the terroirs and the know-how that leads to the creation of truly exceptional dishes and wines.

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